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Are you ready for the

Grocery Run

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Society needs you!

Feed your family. Be the participant society needs you to be. Become a Grocery Runner.

As a Runner, your job is to hand deliver food to the city of a “Greentropolis” — A carless, plastic-less city.

Greentropolis was founded by “The Tech Giant”, a global tech giant which happens to have a campus outside the bounds of this town, for employees to sleep between their first and second shifts. When the design of this carless city came about, it was noted that residents couldn’t conveniently get their groceries to their homes.
This is where you come into play. You, the Runner, are a very integral part of this zero-emissions society. This is why we will pay you 0.1% commission of each order you do as a thank you for your hard work.

Now, who is ready to contribute to our great system?


Join the run, the Grocery Run

The Store

“The Store” is a very simple market. There are nine items: apples, bananas, watermelon, corn, onions, potatoes, milk, eggs, and cheese. Every item has its own size, so be aware of trying to bag them.

Runners are expected to be precise. Organization is a must! The paper bags provided by “the store” are small, so please make sure you do your best to use as little as possible to save the trees.

The Store.png

What does it take to be a Grocery Runner

Grocery Run.png

This job requires you to be quick. Grab your order and run to your customer’s home. No time to use the bathroom, no time to take breaks.

When the employees of “the tech giant” come home after a hard day at work, they expect to have their groceries packed and ready — to fuel up for their second shift.

Remember, Greentropolis is a car-less and plastic-less society, so you will only be provided paper bags. It is your job to run with these many armfuls of bags to the customer’s home in a time of 2 minutes. Otherwise, your pay for the job will be deducted for the customer’s inconvenience.


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